Tired of creating MAP files with BAHN.

Now Iíve created a little tool to convert GIS E00 data directly to a BNA map file that could be imported in BAHN.

Bennefits to create MAP files with GIS data is that the scale is correct
Also the boring job to read out maps and convert them to BAHN coordinates is not
Needed anymore. (At least GIS data should be available)

How to create map files:

1) Download and install Perl from ActiveState (see www.perl.com)
2) Download the zip file rrline.zip containing already a lot of E00 GIS datafiles from Europe
3) Get all the GIS E00 data that is needed. (The GIS data is not always correct)
4) Change the rrline.ini file
5) Run the script rrline.pl (just double click on it)
6) Import the BNA data into BAHN (Be aware of a clean map) and set the right number of elements

Thats all folks